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Profiles: Airon Rafale



Name: Airon Rafale

Race: Human

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Origin/Birthplace: Britain

Profession: Ranger

Appearance: Airon's face is lightly stubbled, and nicked and scarred by long forgotten battles with Orcs and Jukan Warriors. His eyes tell much of his emotion; ranging from a cold, flint like gaze to a contended, soft grey. His hair is a deep brown, tied back with a length of cloth, but it often becomes loose and tangles down over his forehead and eyes in long strands. He is perhaps thirty years old, and has a weathered, grizzled, wild look about him. Over his leather armour he always wears a long cloak, partly to conceal his weaponry, and also to shield himself from nature.

Personality: Airon is an intensely passionate man who all too often follows his heart, despite the warnings in his head. He has two entirely different sides to his character; the thoughtful, solemn and peaceful Airon, and the bold, daring and courageous Airon. While he has a great taste for adventure and exploration, he would (although he might never admit it) sooner spend all his days in the quiet of the wood, perhaps settling down to raise a family.

He is willing to die for what he believes in, and his heart is always in the right place, even if his ideas might sometimes seem rash or foolish. As a friend, he is intensely loyal, and would stay at an allies side to the bitter end if they so asked him to.

Strangely, he seems to hold a sacred, natural love of roses, and often can be found staring absently at the thorned plant.

Background: Whatever dark past Airon harbors, he is keen to keep it a secret. There are whispers of a rumor that he disappeared from the forests of Yew for nearly eight years, and when he returned had not aged a single day. Much speculation and doubt surrounded his return, but Airon was quick to return to his old ways and secure his identity as a Ranger of the Shire.

From what little you know of him, you understand that he was born into The Rafale Household, a noble family of Britain that has long since collapsed after their home on the outskirts of the city was ransacked by Orcs. When his family was killed, Airon fled like a coward into the wilderness, and so cut himself off from society. The next years of his life were spent in the forests of Britannia, learning to survive in the wild, and further distancing himself from mankind. This taught him a great respect for nature.

When Airon emerged from the woodland, he sought a more permanent home in the glades of Yew, where he discovered Underhill. He had since grown up from the cowardly child he had left the world as, and had returned as a strong, courageous man. Airon soon settled into the Shire, to become a Hunter and a Ranger of Yew.

It is whispered that more of his history that Airon would otherwise keep secret was recorded by Olo Bramble, a hobbit of the Shire, in a book called 'The Rafale Tale'.

Work/Life Description: Wherever Airon has been for the last eight years, it has deeply affected him, and much of his prowess as a ranger has been forgotten. He is slowly but surely becoming his old self again, and looks upon the world with a new found sense of awe... and often a troubled mind. Still, Airon is a ranger through and through, and when he is not to be found honing his skills in the forests, he will be found in Underhill.