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15/9/01- Moved from Angelfire to Tripod... also added information about our associates Swordfish Enterprises and their current project, Asylum. New screenshots added for both Balance Of Power and Asylum.

13/9/01- Today the site took a major overhaul... And I reckon it looks a hell of a lot better than before. Two major updates.
 First of all, Spirit Winds has been cancelled. No more demos, or any kind of updates. I may or may not pick up where I left off at a later date, but right now I want to concentrate on my latest piece...
 Which brings me to the new Tales Of Enroth game, Balance Of Power. Not giving away too many details now, but it's a major advancement over Spirit Winds. I feel I have learnt a great deal about the RM2K engine now, and can begin to make the games exactly the way I want them.

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